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What Is The Best Weight Management Dog Food?

Key points

  • Choosing the best weight management dog food does not need to be hard
  • Overweight dogs can develop serious health issues
  • Reasons you might have a fat dog
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Why Dog Obesity Is An Issue

Around 56% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese. According to research provided by Banfield Pet Hospital, being 10% overweight can decrease a dog’s lifespan by up to 2.5 years, on average! On top of that, a fat dog can develop other dangerous health issues like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, joint issues, and increased cancer risk. 

What is the Best Weight Management Dog Food?

Keeping our dogs healthy and fit can feel overwhelming at times, but should be at the top of our priority list. Though we know that feeding our dogs a healthy diet, with a low fat dog food and exercise is key for dog weight loss. Lucky enough for dogs, losing weight is easier than ever with many diet dog foods on the market today!

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Why Should You Choose Weight Loss Dog Food?

Choosing the best weight management dog food is important for helping your dog trim down and stay fit. Dogs who are overweight can develop many health issues and even face a shorter lifespan. Keeping our dogs healthy should be at the forefront of all pet parents’ lives. 

Reasons your dog might be overweight

Dogs can be overweight for a number of reasons so when starting your dog on a weight loss journey, it is important to pinpoint why your dog is overweight. 

  • Age – As dogs age, their metabolism slows making it more difficult to keep weight off and lose it as well. Also, older dogs are generally less active than younger dogs, making them less likely to burn excess calories. 
  • Inactivity level – Dogs who don’t get ample exercise by running, playing, walking, or swimming will not be able to burn extra calories off, making it more likely that they gain weight. 
  • Injury or illnesses – When dogs are injured or sick it is unlikely they will have strength to burn calories exercise. Plus, they might receive extra treats if their human is feeling bad (guilty!)
  • Overfeeding – It can be hard to tell exactly how much your dog should be eating, but overfeeding is one of the main causes of dog obesity. Overfeeding also includes extra treats and table scraps!
  • Medication or health condition – Some medications can slow the metabolism of dogs or increase their appetite – either of which can cause them to store the excess calories they ingest as fat.
  • Breeds – Some breeds are obesity prone, like dachshunds, so finding the best weight management food for dachshunds might include a lower calories option, specifically made for small breeds.  

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Overweight?

You can conduct a simple at home test to determine if your dog might be overweight! If they fall into the overweight or obese category, our vets recommend pouring Wolf Spring Weight Management.

Body Composition Chart

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How to Choose the best food for your dog?

When looking for a low fat dog food or diet dog food there are some tips you should use to make sure you are buying the best dog food for your overweight dog. Some trial and error might be required to choose a weight loss dog food, as you might need to rule out any sensitivities your dog may have. Some dogs may have allergic reactions to foods like chicken or beef resulting in diarrhea or itchy skin. The best weight management dog food for dogs is ideally one your dog also likes the taste of. A high quality dog food will have meat as the ingredient and include whole grains, as well as nutritious fruits, vegetables, and other vitamins, probiotics. The best food for dog weight loss will have a lower calorie count.

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There are supplements on the market that can aid in dog weight loss, without having to change your dog’s favorite food. Wolf Spring’s natural ingredient Weight Management formula has ingredients that promote weight loss by supporting fat burn, boosting the metabolism, and fostering good digestive health. With this new way to lose weight, pet parents can keep feeding their dogs food they know they enjoy, while losing weight.

It’s also a good idea to limit treats and table scraps, while also adding in more exercise!

Conclusion: Finding the best weight management dog food

Dog obesity is a serious problem today as 1 in 2 dogs are considered overweight. Finding the best dog food for weight loss takes some research and maybe some taste testing. Making sure our dogs are eating what’s best for their health is important. However, with new products like Wolf Spring, dog weight loss can be even easier. Keeping our dog’s healthy and in a normal weight range will help them live longer.

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