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Anxiety Be Gone! How Dog Parents Are Solving Their Dog’s Anxiety With This Calming Food Topper

If your dog is showing these signs, they might have serious anxiety

Over 70% of dogs show signs of anxiety, so if your dog is showing any of the signs above – they are not alone. However, anxiety can be dangerous, especially as it becomes destructive and aggressive. Chewing and destruction can even be fatal when dog’s start chewing things like wires and electronics! Anxiety also brings out aggressiveness in some dogs, causing them to attack or bite even if it’s out of character for them.

Luckily there’s a new natural and easy solution that fights against dog anxiety. Meet Wolf Spring Calming Food Topper…
“Such a great and convenient product! My dog’s anxiety had gotten so bad we were afraid we were never going to be able to leave the house again. She would scream and bark and rip up everything in the house when we left. We felt horrible knowing leaving made her this distressed. Plus it seemed her general stress level was getting worse at the time too, she was more weary of people and sounds.

The vet recommended prescription drugs but it made her loopy and not herself, we definitely didn’t feel comfortable leaving her while she was on them either I found Wolf Spring and have been amazed at the success of it! It took a day for her to get used to it on her food but now she loves it! I saw a difference with the first pour! She didn’t mind us leaving as much and settled down much quicker once we left. By day 5, it was like she was a different dog! She’s gotten so much better when we leave, there’s been no mess we come home too and she’s not barking all day!

This product has honestly changed my dog’s life! I feel so much better knowing she’s happy and relaxed. Her quality of life is back and she just seems like a different, happier dog!

I can’t recommend this Wolf Spring Calming food topper enough! If your dog is struggling with anxiety, it’s a must buy!”
– Mary

Why Does Dog Anxiety Need to Be Solved?

Anxiety can be overlooked but does have serious implications for your dog. Millie’s anxiety has always been there, but new changes made her separation anxiety and stress heightened.

Her owner, Mary, felt trapped in her own house as she was too nervous to leave Millie alone because she was afraid of what she might get into. Plus, it broke Mary’s heart knowing how distraught Millie was.

When she stumbled across this calming food topper, she saw many other pet parents were going through what she was going through and saw success using it.

Millie’s Calming Journey: How A Calming Food Topper Helped her Anxiety!

After just one use, Millie’s anxiety lessened and her pet parent was able to leave the house without worry! She was calmer and more at ease!

After just five days, Millie was calmer than ever when her pet parent left and didn’t bark throughout the day!

Millie is happier, calmer and overall less stressed. It’s been so touching to see how Wolf Spring has helped transform Millie.
“We recently adopted an adult Great Pyrenees from a byb situation and she has such difficulty trusting but she is warming up to us! I know the process will take time but Wolf Spring has been making it much easier – you can just see the relief she has after she eats her meal with calming water on top! Slowly but surely she is becoming a relaxed girl! Thank you Wolf Spring!! Your water is giving my new baby a second chance at life!!!”

So How Do We Solve Dog Anxiety?

Wolf Spring Calming has been crafted to calm stressed and anxious dogs and promote relaxation. Wolf Spring Calming is safe for puppies, adults, and senior dogs! Plus it’s all natural and developed by vets.

It has a naturally delicious taste that over 95% of dogs love!

What’s inside this Calming Food Topper?

Wolf Spring uses only natural and effective ingredients that have been proven effective at calming and relaxing dogs.

🐶 L-Theanine: L-Theanine has many benefits for dogs as it can calm anxiety by decreasing anxious thoughts and behavior while improving their mood. It can also aid in sleep and promote relaxation.

☮️ L-Tryptophan: Studies show that L-Tryptophan produces serotonin, which relaxes dogs and helps put them in a feel good mood.

🌱Chamomile: Chamomile has a full body anti-anxiety effect as it promotes muscle relaxation.


“Wolf Spring’s calming formula is yet another great-tasting, nutrient enhanced supplement to help reduce stress. With natural ingredients that support hydration and promote calm behavior, this drink can help dogs stay relaxed and happy.”



“My black lab can never settle, which is problem-some especially in the car but so far good results pouring this before rides and at before leaving so I know he’s not wound up and angsty when I leave.”
– Mark
“I give this to my Shiba before I leave the house and I’ve been able to leave him out of his crate now without fear of him destroying everything and freaking out! His separation anxiety is significantly better!”
– Farida
As a dog parent, you always want the best for your dog. Wolf Spring Calming is a vet recommended food topper that helps dogs relax and stay calm in stressful situations. Plus, by pouring, pet parents also get their peace of mind back knowing their dog is happy and relaxed.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and discount for first time buyers, there’s not a reason to not give Wolf Spring a try! Order our Calming formula to help your dog be the best version of them they can be!

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Give your dog what they need to stay happy, calm, and stress free.
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