New Plant-Based Formula Naturally Fights Dog Anxiety

Life can get stressful for even the happiest, go-lucky dogs. Whether it’s thunderstorms, fireworks, new people and situations, or separation anxiety, there are all kinds of things that can set our pups off. Unfortunately , stress and anxiety can make even the best behaved dogs act out by showing signs of aggression or destruction or just put them in full blown panic mode.

As pet parents, though, we are at our best, when we know our dogs feel safe and calm.

In new research, plant ingredients have shown amazing results for dogs like calmed behavior, relaxation, and stress relief.

In two separate studies, L-Theanine effectively relaxed dogs with a fear of humans and also a fear of storms. In both studies, after 1 or 2 months, respectively, of L-Theanine administration (twice daily), fearful reactions were reduced.

Good news here – Wolf Spring’s new Calming formula has been developed by veterinarians to be a safe and effective solution to our dog’s stress and anxiety!

Wolf Spring’s Calming formula is plant-based and all natural!


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Calming Recommended For:

Fear Based Aggression

Separation and General Anxiety

Fear from Fireworks, Thunder, Construction, etc.

Excessive Barking

Destructive Behavior

Ingredients with PROVEN results

Chamomile – promotes muscle relaxation

L-Tryptophan – helps fight against stress

L-Theanine – supports calm behavior

+ Hydrating electrolytes

Vet Developed

“Wolf Spring’s calming formula is yet another great-tasting, nutrient enhanced supplement to help reduce stress. With plant-based ingredients that support hydration and promote calm behavior, this drink can help dogs stay relaxed and happy.”


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