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For dogs between 1 y.o. and 10 y.o.
At Wolf Spring, we know adulting can be *quite* overwhelming at times. With every ingredient, our ADULT formula specifically addresses some of the common concerns for fully grown dogs, even if they still act like puppies at heart. We created the first functional beverage so all you have to do is pour their daily vitamins.

Delicious natural taste approved by over 95% of dogs!

Every ingredient in our Adult formula has been specifically chosen to provide benefits covering the most common concerns, from joints to digestion. Wolf Spring Adult is crafted with Brussels Sprouts as a source of Omega-3 and with Inulin Agave to promote good digestive health. Besides hydration, Coconut Water also provides a good source of Potassium to support heart health. And to keep her jumping and fetching, we added Glucosamine to Wolf Spring Adult.

All of our formulas are plant-based (non GMO), all natural, grain free, and developed by vets.

10 oz. bottles

Weight 34.6 oz
Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 6 in
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Agave (Inulin)
Not all bacteria is bad, Inulin promotes good digestive health by serving as a prebiotic.

Brussels Sprouts (Omega 3)
The veggie that does it all! Brussels Sprouts have naturally occurring Omega-3s, which dogs cannot make on their own.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound that supports dog’s joint health to keep her jumping and fetching.

Potassium to support muscle function keeping them jumpin… well you know, sensing a theme here?


Filtered Water, Coconut Water Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Agave Inulin Powder, Glucosamine*, Malic Acid, Brussels Sprouts, Purple Carrot Juice (Color)

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutrition profiles

Guaranteed Analysis

Per serving size of 10 oz.: Crude protein (min) 0.05%, Crude fat (min) 0.005%, Crude fiber (max) 0.2%, Moisture (max) 99.0%, Potassium (min) 135mg, Glucosamine (min) 450mg, Brussels Sprouts (min) 90mg

11 Calories (calculated) per bottle

Feeding Instructions

Simply use Wolf Spring as a food topper

As with introducing anything new into your dog’s diet, we recommend giving them a transition period. Depending on your dog’s sensitivity, we suggest halving their dose of Wolf Spring for a period of 2-3 days.

For more tips on how your dog can get the most out of Wolf Spring, head over to our How To page.

Unsure which formula is right for your dog? Take our quick quiz here!

Shake well before serving.
Refrigerate after opening.
Has not been tested on pregnant or nursing dogs.
Always have fresh water available.

93 reviews for Food Booster | Adult

  1. Mary

    very happy with my purchase of the wolf springs adult red drink

  2. Doria

    Extremely helpful and knowledgable customer service! They answered all of my questions very professionally and now pour Wolf Spring everyday for my two poodle babies! They are healthy as can be!

  3. JM

    Great to know my dog is hydrated especially in this heat it’s hard to get her to eat or drink but she loves this!

  4. Trudy

    healthy hydrated and happy over here! my 2 dogs love this on their food!

  5. Candy

    I bought this to give my cavalier an extra boost of vitamins and she loves it! I was surprised because usually she sniffs out any vitamin I put on her food. It’s been working well so far, I definitely can see that her coat is already in better shape!

  6. Stephanie

    love love love this for my dogs allergies! It seems to be the only thing that has actually stopped him from scratching and biting himself raw!!

  7. Janna

    I’m relieved I finally found something that works for my dogs allergies! It’s like a miracle when I thought nothing else would work, Gideon is not scratching his head off and biting his paws almost at all anymore!!

  8. Kerri

    I really like using this for my dogs allergies! It never makes him drowsy, in fact he’s more alert with more energy and he’s not constantly biting his paws!

  9. Peggy O’Donnell

    I received this and it was packaged nicely and shipped quick. When I poured my dog was very excited and lapped it up very swiftly, which is not normally the reaction she has when trying new things. I’m excited to see how this helps her, specifically with her overall energy and joint health.

  10. Janie

    Love that this isn’t a pill because I’ve tried everything and my Havapoo always eats around it but she gobbles her food and Wolf springs down, love what it’s doing for her overall health!

  11. Mickey

    My vet wanted my pug on prescription meds for his allergies but the side effects made me nervous, so I tried this instead and its been working pretty well these last 3 or so months. Oliver is biting his paws less and isn’t scratching like crazy so I’ll call that a win

  12. Amy

    Very happy I chose this product, my dog doesn’t like vitamins even if they are like treats so pouring over food has been a game changer! She’s healthier and her skin is looking great!

  13. Tori

    I have tried everything for my dogs allergies and nothing cleared them up like Wolf Spring has! Within 3 weeks, all of Maggie’s redness and itching was practically gone. Her hair is shiny with alot less flakes.

  14. Beth

    My little guys can be picky so I was impressed they both took to this very quickly! They are both healthier than ever!

  15. Maude

    My dog won’t eat her food without it now! She loves it and I’ve noticed improved energy and less itching and scratching. I recommend this to all my friends and family!

  16. nicole

    My golden itches less and has more energy

  17. H

    I noticed a lot less redness and itching literally just a week after using on my two mixes (one maltese mix and one pit mix) impressed to say the least!

  18. Alejandra

    My pack of 4 crazies like this stuff, I think you get a lot of bang for your buck too!

  19. Ruth

    I’ve noticed my shih tzu has less knotty hair since I’ve been pouring it. Glad it also gets her to drink more!

  20. jocelyn

    my dog really likes it over her food but not much in an empty bow, it does seem to help her though, she has more energy and is more playful

  21. Nicole

    Great for keeping my Olde English Bulldog’s allergies at bay! His skin is less red!

  22. Angie

    My two picky ones like this which was surprising to me, but happy with the results so far (less itching/biting paws, less eye boogies, and softer hair!)

  23. Crystle

    Cleared up my Bella girls allergies once and for all! Not much of a smell when you pour it either, Bella loves it and it’s been great for her!

  24. Denise

    My 3 Pekinese’s love this stuff! It’s helped with getting them to eat and also cleared their eyes and skin up! Would give it 100 stars if I could!!

  25. Rebecca

    On the monthly plan now for my 2 fur babies, they love it and I love what is has done for their skin and nails!

  26. Lynn Dowd

    My jack jack loves his wolf springs! It’s helped his allergies and scratching, love that there is no chicken!

  27. Shelia

    like that this has made my dog’s post neuter coat nice again!!

  28. Gabby

    great for my dogs coat and his nails arenn’t so brittle and fragile now!!

  29. Margarita

    its keeping my dog itch free I like that it has stuff for joints too

  30. Missy

    good for the summer cuz Bella is allergic to the grass but gonna keep using in the winter too bc her skin gets so dry 🙄

  31. Amy

    Like subscription so I don’t have to worry about going to the store. Been working well for the itching

  32. Madelyn

    couldn’t be happier with product! great for their joints and my dogs crazy allergies

  33. James

    my doodle has the worst allergies but he’s ithcing less and I think getting less knots too

  34. jenelle

    great for my picky dog who doesn’t like anything healthy but is great drinker. she loves this stuff and its very easy

  35. Diamond

    this has been so helpful for making my dog itch a ton less! He loves it and it really works!

  36. Aviva

    I have to say this is actually working! I also purcahsed the calming but I love they are both so easy to give ❤️

  37. Pam

    My dog Skipper bites his paws less and isn’t always scratching since I starting using this product. He really enjoys it over his food.

  38. Laura

    I signed up for the subscription and could not be happier! It’s so easy it just shows up on my door step monthly and I save money. My babys no longer gets hotspots and itchy its amazing!

  39. Alexis

    my frenchie has such bad allergies and is allergic to so much but this has really cleared up his itching and hot spots on his skin and I’m really happy its plant-based since he’s also allergic to chicken and turkey 😬

  40. Mariana ❤️

    my dog 🐶loves is wolf spring 💦!! keeping him healthy 👌😄

  41. janice

    really helping with my adult dogs joints and and fur, he has more energy and seems healthier

  42. alanis

    wonderful product, customer service team is fast and helpful

  43. misty

    so happy i found this! my dogs allergies have cleared up so well! no more biting his skin and paws and itching all the time!!

  44. courtney

    my dog is picky but likes it over her food its deff helping with her allergies!

  45. barb

    great stuff

  46. lisa

    this really gets my picky dog to actually eat and drink only dog ive ever had that isn’t obsessed with food but its also making her coat very shiny and soft. no side effects whatsoever!

  47. emily

    working good so far

  48. summer

    this stuff does work, my dog he does itch less and does like the taste of it

  49. ester

    love how easy it is to give and doesn’t have a gross meaty smell like a lot of other toppers have although this one has actual benefits too which is great

  50. eboni

    my rescue likes it over her food, not the biggest fan just poured right in her bowl but over food works for us, she eats and drinks the rest so quickly

  51. chrissy

    couldn’t be more pleased with this company and product! customer service is top notch and my dogs love their wolf spring!!

  52. heather

    wolf spring has helped so much with my dogs constant itching so glad i found this!!

  53. debbie

    they said it needs a little less than a month to see results so i will keep pouring but my dog does really like it over his food and as ice cubes, his belly spots might look a little less red already will updated

  54. destiny

    my baby loves this her hair is so soft and much easier to brush w less knots and her skin isn’t red and rashy so much on her belly n e more shes a maltipoo and loves it

  55. erin

    my go to supplement now! so so easy and my dog doesn’t have the chance to spit it out of his mouth lol he loves this surprisingly and hes itching less

  56. samantha

    can’t really go wrong with this stuff – so easy to give, my babies like it, and it’s worked in like 3 weeks – no more itching!!!!

  57. Barbara B

    so crazy how much this has helped my abby grace! her skin is less itchy, her coat is beautiful, shes more active and lively again! I even give this to my cat BlackJack and he likes it!!

  58. Stacey

    you really cant go wrong with this product, its literally so easy and it WORKS!! my dog storm absolutely loves the taste its amazing, she’s definitely a lot healthier looking now 💛💛💛

  59. Bridgette

    bought it to stop my maltese from itching and biting her paws and so far so good! the vet said to try omega-3 but i could not stand to smell the fish on her breath so this is a great alternative that works! thanks!

  60. lindsey

    surprised how well this works!! been using for about a month and Bailey’s energy levels are up and her itching has stopped significantly !

  61. Dennis

    I like having the subscription so I never run out. I like what it’s been doing for my dog, the ingredients are great and of quality!

  62. Laura

    my two dogs drink this everyday and love it they have so much more energy and are healthier because of it

  63. Maureen

    Pleasantly surprised by how well this is working! I’m a natural skeptic but after 1.5 months using, I can say this stuff lives up to the hype! My shih tzu, Munchkin, get this poured over her food twice a day and her hair is so soft, it’s easier to brush so she actually had to get less taken off her at the groomers which is amazing! Overall, she seems so much healthier, less scratching, more energy!

  64. Alexandra

    LOOOVEEE!!! This is the BEST vitamin ever!!!!!!

  65. Gregory

    I bought this for my dog 2 months ago and now she asks for it by barking at the fridge

  66. Larissa

    finally a vitamin that actually WORKS!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  67. Kath

    my dog barely wants her regular water now, she’s obsessed with this now. I like the clean ingredients

  68. Cherise

    my dog won’t eat his food without this poured on top now, he thinks its a special treat and I like the results Ive been seeing

  69. drew

    I absolutely love how soft my husky’s coat is now, even more beautiful!

  70. rachel

    my dog won’t drink when she’s really hot which obviously makes me nervous, so I make ice cubes and she eats them right up and I know shes hydrated and healthy, thanks wolf spring!

  71. rachel

    my dog won’t drink when she’s really hot which obviously makes me nervous, so I make ice cubes and she eats them right up and I know shes hydrated and healthy, thanks wolf spring!

  72. Pooja

    I bought a 6 pack 3 months ago and now am buying a 12 pack once a month for my medium sized dog, Sammy. He has terrible allergies but I’ve seen such an amazing improvement in him. Happy to have found an easy and affordable solution!

  73. veronica p

    I never buy things from facebook ads but I saw this and just had to try… the verdict is in, my dog LOVES this! Honestly I do too, this stuff is legit!!

  74. demiera

    my baby loves it!! won’t go back to any other vitamin!! 🐶🐶🐶

  75. billy

    so easy to give and my dog really likes it! I like that theres a subscription so i never run out

  76. jeannie

    my dog harlow is doing really well on this, no side affects and really likes the taste of it. no bad smell for me either

  77. Dee

    my cash is hooked on this stuff!! he is so healthy and lean now!

  78. terry

    my dog loves this stuff, so easy to pour over their food

  79. Bill

    Wolf spring has helped my dog so much in the last 3 months, he constant scratching is about completely gone and hes more active in our day to day

  80. Jazmin E.

    When my dog sees me go into the fridge to get this out he freaks out sooo guess he really likes this stuff! sophie with customer service was so helpful too!

  81. Ali

    this stuff actually works and my dog loves when I pour it over her food! Millie (golden retriever, 5) hair is so soft and she has so much more energy on our walks!

  82. Nicolette Kowalczyk

    my dog has never gobbled down food like he does now with this on top, plus i like that hes drinking more! His fur has totally transformed, he overall just seems so much happier. customer service is also top notch!!

  83. Kaylin

    Roscoe would literally eat around any type of vitamin I put in his food but now I just pour this over and he loves it! His skin is sooooo much better!! As a bulldog he has a lot of allergies but his redness and the itchiness is almost completely gone!

  84. Juanita

    I bought this to give it a try after seeing an ad, but I definitely didn’t expect my Coco to love it this much!! She is spoiled, but anything for my baby!!

  85. tammy

    my dog love this.. I tried both ways, in a bowl and over food and she prefer over her food. she eats right away, not like before where shed pick at it. i have the subscription now

  86. priscilla

    i was nervous my dog wou;dn’t like it bc hes very very picky, but to my surprise he loved it! waiting on my 12 pack now and will update when I see results!

  87. lauren

    The easiest supplement I have ever given my dogs, plus one that I can feel good about! I love the fact that there is only a limited amount of ingredients

  88. bryan

    I don’t normally write reviews, but I felt like I had to for this – I wasn’t sure that my dog was even going to drink it, but she did and loved it and also when we adopted her she had dry and not overly soft hair, now it’s shiny and soft! Very awesome product!

  89. Alyssa

    My dog is obsessed!! He comes running to his bowl once he sees me take one out of the pack, I’m just happy he likes something healthy! Now if I could get my human kids to like something healthy LOL

  90. briana

    my two dogs (lab/hound mix and german shepherd/lab mix) love the taste!!

  91. kelsey

    I love that wolf spring has coconut water for hydration along with everything else, my two dogs are playing and walking all day long so I feel so much better knowing they won’t be dehydrated

  92. Katie

    My dog is now obsessed! He’s a large dog so I poured the full bottle, he drink it all and still looked for more! This is the first vitamin I’ve been able to get him to take and actually enjoy. win win!

  93. loren

    My dogs are a bit picky so I was nervous but as soon as I poured it into my dogs bowl she lapped it right up !! I’ll definitely be buying again 🙂

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