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At Wolf Spring, we know adulting can be *quite* overwhelming at times. With every ingredient, our ADULT formula specifically addresses some of the common concerns for fully grown dogs, even if they still act like puppies at heart. We created the first functional beverage so all you have to do is pour their daily vitamins.

Delicious natural taste approved by over 95% of dogs

Twelve, 10 oz. bottles per pack


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Every ingredient in our Adult formula has been specifically chosen to provide benefits covering the most common concerns, from joints to digestion. Wolf Spring Adult is crafted with Brussels Sprouts as a source of Omega-3 and with Inulin Agave to promote good digestive health. Besides hydration, Coconut Water also provides a good source of Potassium to support heart health. And to keep her jumping and fetching, we added Glucosamine to Wolf Spring Adult.

All of our formulas are plant-based (non GMO), all natural, grain free, and developed by vets.


Agave (Inulin)
Not all bacteria is bad, Inulin promotes good digestive health by serving as a prebiotic.

Brussels Sprouts (Omega 3)
The veggie that does it all! Brussels Sprouts have naturally occurring Omega-3s, which dogs cannot make on their own.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound that supports dog’s joint health to keep her jumping and fetching.

Potassium to support muscle function keeping them jumpin… well you know, sensing a theme here?


Filtered Water, Coconut Water Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Agave Inulin Powder, Glucosamine*, Malic Acid, Brussels Sprouts, Purple Carrot Juice (Color)

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutrition profiles

Guaranteed Analysis

Per serving size of 10 oz.: Crude protein (min) 0.05%, Crude fat (min) 0.005%, Crude fiber (max) 0.2%, Moisture (max) 99.0%, Potassium (min) 135mg, Glucosamine (min) 450mg, Brussels Sprouts (min) 90mg

11 Calories (calculated) per bottle

Feeding Instructions

Easiest and fastest part of your dog’s routine… not including the drinking part.

As with introducing anything new into your dog’s diet, we recommend giving them a transition period. Depending on your dog’s sensitivity, we suggest halving their dose of Wolf Spring for a period of 2-3 days.

For more tips on how your dog can get the most out of Wolf Spring, head over to our How To page.

Unsure which formula is right for your dog? Take our quick quiz here!

Shake well before serving.
Refrigerate after opening.
Has not been tested on pregnant or nursing dogs.
Always have fresh water available.

27 reviews for Adult | 12-pack

  1. Steve

    Rolli loves it! Each day he is eagerly waiting for his Wolf Spring (I usually give him in the morning). He finishes it up in 2mn. He has been on it for a week only but I can already see him moving with more ease (he has dog arthritis). Thank you Wolf Spring!

  2. Loren

    My dogs are a bit picky so I was nervous but as soon as I poured it into my dogs bowl she lapped it right up !! I’ll definitely be buying again πŸ™‚

  3. Kelsey

    I love that wolf spring has coconut water for hydration along with everything else, my two dogs are playing and walking all day long so I feel so much better knowing they won’t be dehydrated, especially in the summer!

  4. Alyssa

    My dog is obsessed!! He comes running to his bowl once he sees me take one out of the pack, I’m just happy he likes something healthy! Now if I could get my human kids to like something healthy LOL

  5. Briana

    my two dogs (lab/hound mix and german shepherd/lab mix) love the taste!!

  6. Kevin

    my dog liked it, will buy again

  7. josh

    My dog’s aren’t picky, but I am super picky when it comes to what I’ll give my dogs. I’ve been giving them both wolf spring for about a month now and have seen an improvement in just about everything from their energy to their coat, plus they seem to really like it.

  8. Marissa

    I’m already on my third 12-pack, my dog can’t get enough of this. I’m also super happy with how my dogs coat is now. With the groomers being closed last month, my dogs coat should have been way worse but instead, her she was extra shiny and soft!

  9. Marcus

    I could never get my dog to drink enough or take any pills, feels like I’m killing two birds with one stone now.

  10. Shea

    has everything my dog needs plus the packaging is nice too

  11. Diane

    I love this product and so does my dog! It’s so easy to give and so healthy. Her coat feels so good and soft and I feel like she has more energy which is usually much lower in the heat!

  12. Nicole

    Won’t be buying a different vitamin for my dog besides this one ever again. My frenchie has bad allergies and this didn’t upset them at all!

  13. Claudia

    my dog has been loving this. I make ice pops for him with it too after seeing it on their instagram, he feels like he’s getting a human food treat but it’s actually healthy!

  14. Casey

    very impressed with this product, this is pretty much the first time I’ve been able to give my dog a “healthy treat” bc usually she catches on. Will be re-purchasing.

  15. Bill

    Like that my dog can get vitamins and hydrate at the same time.

  16. Sonja

    Been taking this on our hikes and it is perfect! I usually get worried that my dog is going to overheat and be dehydrated because she won’t drink regular water when she is very hot (weird I know) but this she drinks right up!

  17. Jackie

    I like how there’s different ways to give Wolf Spring, my dog’s favorite way is the ice pops! I love it because its so easy but I also feel like its a fun thing we do together!

  18. Alvira

    I’m so happy I found this, it’s my dog’s new favorite treat! He loves when I make ice pops with them, such a cool idea!

  19. tamera

    finally a vitamin I can get my dog to take (happily). Shes been using wolf spring for abuot a month and a half and i can see an improvement in her.

  20. Karrison

    I spayed late and berners hair just wasn’t as soft as silky after, to be expected but I was looking to get at least get it half as soft as before when I found wolf spring. Ive been using for about 2 months now, daily, and i absoultely see a difference. So happy with this product!

  21. nevaeh

    my dog drinks this right up and i’ve noticed changes already after finishing a 12 pack at 1/3 a bottle a day! good customer service too

  22. courtney

    my dog loki really likes this stuff! happy I saw a random facebook ad lol

  23. julian

    really seeing a difference in my dogs energy level and her coat, very impressed

  24. Jesse

    My vet said my dog had to lose a few lbs, but its hard because he is an absolute food hound. Eats his food in a minute and will look for more immediately. I’ve been pouring this over his food (and adding carrots per the vets recommendation) and its definitely filling him up and hes eating slower. He looks like he’s thinning out already and gaining a bit of energy too.

  25. rob

    love this stuff, especially as we’re going on more hikes as peak week is coming! Bear has more energy on our hikes and is less tired and stiff the next day. I give this daily.

  26. Tasha

    This stuff is genius! my two 🐢🐢 love it!!

  27. ivy

    this has been perfect! I see a huge difference in all 3 of my dogs energy levels and their coat as well, not sure if its from the extra hydration or the omega-3s but whatever it is, works for me!

  28. graziella

    my dog has been doing so well on this! usually when we add something new she gets sick but so far shes been fine on this! plus great customer service, answered all my crazy dog mom questions lol

  29. melissa

    great product for my πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

  30. abby

    my dog was constantly dehydrated and lethargic, especially after day camp or the park because he just wouldn’t drink so i gave this a shot and im so glad I did! A complete 180 I’ve seen in him and just so happy hes healthier!

  31. marissa

    I started my dog on this after I adopted her (5 yrs old) because she wasn’t in the best shape, but she is thriving now! A little love and wolf spring go a long way! thank u!!!

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