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Wolf Spring’s goodness to have your pup start off on the right paw. Wolf Spring Puppy has been formulated to support your pup’s healthy growth and development. Puppies, although cute to us, are awkward in their new growing bodies. As they begin to navigate their surroundings with fearlessness only a puppy can have, they’re bound to have some growing pains.

Delicious natural taste approved by over 95% of dogs

Twelve, 10 oz. bottles per pack.


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Our Puppy formula has been designed to help your puppy grow and maybe give you some peace of mind during that puppy stage. Each and every one of our ingredients have been specially picked to benefit your pup. Puppies may have a lot of energy, but they also need a lot of it to keep them sustained and growing. We’ve added Honey as a healthy source of energy, plus Brussels Sprouts as a source of Omega-3. For your puppy’s debut at the dog park, or maybe at your pet friendly office, we added Vitamin E to foster a healthy skin and coat. Hopefully your pup isn’t getting into too much, though, we’ve added Inulin Agave to promote good digestive health for good measure.

All of our formulas are plant-based (non GMO), all natural, grain free, and developed by vets.


Inulin Agave
Not all bacteria is bad, Inulin promotes good digestive health by serving as a prebiotic.

Brussels Sprouts (Omega 3)
Brussels Sprouts have naturally occurring Omega 3’s, which dogs cannot make on their own.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E fosters a healthy skin and coat so your pup can make her debut at the dog park looking her best.

You might think your puppy has all the energy, but with all that growing they’re doing, puppies may need that extra boost.


Filtered Water, Coconut Water Concentrate, Honey, Natural Flavor, Agave Inulin Powder, Malic Acid, Brussels Sprouts, Beta Carotene (Color), Vitamin E

Guaranteed Analysis

Per serving size of 10.0 fl oz: Crude protein (min) 0.05%, Crude fat (min) 0.006%, Crude fiber (max) 0.2%, Moisture (max) 98.0%, Honey (min) 4.5g, Vitamin E (min): 1.6 IU/kg, Brussels Sprouts (min) 90mg

27 Calories (calculated) per bottle

Feeding Instructions

Easiest and fastest part of your dog’s routine, not including the drinking part.

As with introducing anything new into your dog’s diet, we recommend giving them a transition period. Depending on your dog’s sensitivity, we suggest halving their dose of Wolf Spring for a period of 2-3 days.

For more tips on how your dog can get the most out of Wolf Spring, head over to our How To page.

Unsure of which formula is right for your dog? Take our quick quiz here!

Shake well before serving.
Refrigerate after opening.
Has not been tested on pregnant or nursing dogs.
Always have fresh water available.

20 reviews for Puppy | 12-pack

  1. ryanae1

    We recently adopted our first puppy and want to make sure we’re doing every we can for our boy!! Happy we found wolf spring, Rooney has been drinking it every morning and loving it!!!

  2. Ashley

    I haven’t been able to find a vitamin for my puppy without a ton of ingredients, so when I saw wolf spring I was thrilled! I feel better knowing that I’m not giving anything unnecessary to my puppy and I definitely feel he has more energy throughout the day. 5 stars!

  3. Melissa

    my puppy loooooves it! I feel bad cutting her off at half a bottle because she always wants more!

  4. Bryan

    I don’t normally write reviews, but I felt like I had to for this – I wasn’t sure that my puppy was even going to drink it, but she did and loved it and also when we adopted her she had dry and not overly soft hair, now it’s shiny and soft! Very awesome product!

  5. Stacey

    my puppy has been loving drinking her wolf spring! really, the easiest part of our new morning routine!

  6. Gina

    Really happy with my purchase, had a couple questions before I bought and was met with great customer service! We get the subscription every two weeks!

  7. Alex

    signed up for a subscription, my puppy really likes it

  8. Carl

    I’ve been pouring this over my puppy’s food instead of water for the extra vitamins, he eats his food right up

  9. Kayla

    This is perfect for the hot Texas summers! We’ve been making ice pops too and our dog (cattle dog/lab/shepherd mix) loves it!

  10. Trent

    been really happy giving this to my puppy! she’s my first so I want to make sure I’m doing everything right, she really likes it too

  11. Deanna

    switching over to the adult now, so I hope my dog loves the taste as much as this one!

  12. Jeremy

    My puppy goes swimming at least 3 or 4 times a week, so I like to give it to him there to make sure he’s hydrated and getting stronger

  13. Lisa

    I make ice cubes and leave them in my dog’s bowl when I leave, I like that it keeps her mind active and I feel less bad leaving because she barely notices now lol

  14. Raven

    I love how much my puppy loves this! He drinks it so quick – so helping with potty training, more water more times to go out! love it!

  15. Zin

    My boyfriend and I got a puppy bc we are home more during covid (like everyone else lol) so we purchased this for aussie pup! He loves it and it makes potty training easier because we know when he’s drank or not (he drinks this a looot faster than water) thanks wolf spring!

  16. Desiree

    will be switching over to adult soon bc my maltipoo Harlow is turning 1 🎉she really likes it and her groomer says her coat is very nice!

  17. gia

    my chiweenie loves it!

  18. carolina g.

    started my puppy on this after I saw a facebook ad, going to keep using and swithc to adult, he really really likes it! the price is good too n fast shipping!

  19. Katie

    recently adopted my puppy and have been giving it to him for about 2 weeks now. he’s still under a year but not exactly sure but will change to adult soonish. he had some mange when I first got him, so this with his medication is def helping

  20. maggie

    I started my puppy on this a little after he turned four months and his adult coat is coming in so nice now! This is my third beardie and the first two’s coat never came in this nicely.. i started the other 1 (1 has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge 🌈) on adult now

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