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A dog’s only as old as they feel. Wolf Spring’s Senior formula helps to have them feeling like a puppy again… without the potty training and ripped up shoes. We believe senior dogs should look and feel their best.

Delicious natural taste approved by over 95% of dogs

Twelve, 10 oz. bottles per case.


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Help your Senior feel like a pup again… without the potty training, win/win! We crafted Wolf Spring Senior to keep your dog looking and feeling his best, with every ingredient tailored to the needs of our aging dogs. We added Brussels Sprouts as a source of Omega-3 and Antioxidants for Immune Support. As dogs age, their production of glucosamine slows, causing achy hips and joints, Wolf Spring Senior has double Glucosamine* to give them the extra boost they need. We also added Hemp as a source of Essential Fatty Acid. Our Senior dogs deserve a little extra support.

All of our formulas are plant-based (non GMO), all natural, grain free, and developed by vets.

*In reference to Wolf Spring Adult


Brussels Sprouts (Omega 3)
For a little more pep in your aging dogs step, Brussels Sprouts have naturally occurring Omega-3s, which dogs cannot make on their own. 

Glucosamine production slows as dogs age, so we’ve added a double dose to support their hip and joint health.

A plant of many uses, Hemp is a source of essential fatty acids and protein.

Antioxidants support the immune system, because what good boy or girl can’t use a little boost?


Filtered Water, Coconut Water Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Glucosamine*, Hemp Flour, Watermelon/Huito juice (Color), Malic Acid, Brussels Sprouts

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutrition profiles

Guaranteed Analysis

Per serving size of 10 oz.: Crude protein (min) 0.1%, Crude fat (min) 0.01%, Crude fiber (max) 0.1%, Moisture (max) 99.0%, Potassium (min) 135mg, Glucosamine (min): 1100mg, Hemp (min) 400mg, Brussels Sprouts (min) 90mg

11 Calories (calculated) per bottle

Feeding Instructions

Easiest and fastest part of your dog’s routine, not including the drinking part.

As with introducing anything new into your dog’s diet, we recommend giving them a transition period. Depending on your dog’s sensitivity, we suggest halving their dose of Wolf Spring for a period of 2-3 days.

For more tips on how your do can get the most out of Wolf Spring, head over to our How To page.

Unsure which formula is right for your dog? Take our quick quiz here!

Shake well before serving.
Refrigerate after opening.
Has not been tested on pregnant or nursing dogs.
Always have fresh water available.

22 reviews for Senior | 12-pack

  1. Matt

    Very happy about the product. It really helped my lab feels better, especially on his joints. In addition he seems to love the taste. I have subscribed now

  2. Mary

    My old boy was showing signs of aging and our vet told us to try glucosamine to help his joints. Wolf spring is helping him move better and be in less pain! Plus it has other vitamins unlike other supplements have!!

  3. Jill

    I’ve been giving wolf spring to my old pittie every morning after our walk, she’s slowed down with age, but with wolf spring she seems like she has got some of her energy back and moves a little easier!! So happy with this product!

  4. Sierra

    I was giving my senior dog 4 different vitamins everyday, I’m happy I found a vitamin made just for seniors that has everything they need! Plus, my dog loves the taste!

  5. Chris

    wolf spring is exactly what I was looking for and exactly what my old dog needed – my dog has for sure been walking better and seems less stiff

  6. Denise

    my dog does agility (because of the current situation, just in the yard) but I can’t recommend this product enough! I’ve been telling all the other dog parents in Macy’s class about wolf spring. Macy is in pretty good shape, but I started to worry about her joints as she was getting older and still competing. I’ve noticed such an improvement in her, she seems less achy, and overall more energetic!!

  7. Victoria

    I’m happy this has other vitamins aside from just glucosamine, so I’m not spending a small fortune buying a bunch of vitamins.

  8. Andrea

    I have a senior maltese who is my everything. I didn’t think she’d need things like glucosamine because she’s a small dog, but she was having trouble jumping onto the couch and just overall everyday activities. Since she’s been drinking wolf spring I do notice a difference in how she moves and is able to jump easier!

  9. Fracine

    I wasn’t a huge believer in vitamins but I bought this after my vet recommended a glucosamine supplement. My dog really likes it and her mobility and pain seem to be improving.

  10. Mark

    great product, my dogs enjoy it.

  11. Kait

    Been giving this to my shiba over his food (half morning half night) and I can see a noticeable difference! He wouldn’t take pills even if it was mixed in with his food so this is perfect!

  12. Jordan

    I see a noticeable improvement in my dogs mobility and energy.

  13. Lorraine

    my dog loves this poured over his food, on my second 12-pack now!

  14. Nicole

    For the last 3 ish weeks ive been giving the senior one to my dog and i’m impressed as a vitamin skeptic. It’s so easy to give and my dog has been getting up easier with less stiffness

  15. Alanna

    I bought this for my senior dog who has been having trouble with her joints lately like getting up and down the stairs and just kind of moving in general. I signed up for the subscription because I really have noticed a difference in her movement, only supplement I’ll buy again!

  16. Sue

    I can really see the difference already in my dog, Peaches. She’s getting, as the vet says, “old”, but she’s moving better and has more energy now

  17. colin

    my dog loves this poured over his food. he eating more again, finally. then he drinks the leftover. he really likes it.

  18. neville

    have noticed a difference in my great pyrenees. love the glucosamine in this, really great for large breed dogs and their joint issues

  19. taylor

    really like this, much easier than pills which my stubborn old girl won’t take.

  20. Amed

    I was giving my senior dog a different brand but it didn’t seem like it was doing much, seemed more like just a treat, this feels more effective and he’s finished a 3 and 12 pack now and I can see improvement with him.

  21. Lucia

    my dog can’t get enough of this stuff and she can be picky especially as she has gotten older. I think she has gotten more energy for our walks and is less tiff

  22. zoe

    bought this for my 10 yo honestly just to get her more excited about eating but im really happy seeing that it actually works, shes deff in less pain / stiff nd so shiny ! yall need to buy this!!

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