Weight Management Food Topper for Dogs

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For all dogs
Help your dog shed more than fur! Wolf Spring Weight Management has been formulated to support healthy weight loss! Adorable no matter their size, Wolf Spring focuses on keeping our dogs healthy by getting them to their ideal weight! Besides all the great and effective ingredients, using Wolf Spring as a food topper also promotes weight loss by increasing the volume of their meal, making dogs think they’re eating more and it also slows down fast eaters! Plus, get a FREE weight loss guide with your first purchase!

Delicious natural taste approved by over 95% of dogs!

Every ingredient in our Weight Management food topper has been specifically chosen to help dogs shed extra weight! Wolf Spring Weight Management is crafted with L-Carnitine to support fat burn, L-Taurine to help energy metabolism, and Inulin to promote fullness and good digestive health. We also added Glucosamine to keep those hips and joints strong when they strut to the park showing off their slimmed down bod! Besides hydration, Coconut Water also provides a good source of Potassium to support heart health.

All of our formulas are natural, grain free, and developed by vets.

10 fl. oz. bottles

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Your Dog's Current Weight

1 – 20 lbs, 21 – 50 lbs, 51 + lbs


Burn baby, burn! L-Carnitine is great for fat burn!

A key factor in weight loss, L-Taurine helps boost dogs’ metabolism! 

2-in-1 action! Inulin keeps your dog full and promotes good digestive health!

With extra weight, dogs’ hips and joints might need the extra support Glucosamine gives!


Filtered Water, Coconut Water Concentrate, Natural Flavor (Pork), L-Taurine, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Inulin (from Agave), Malic Acid, L-Carnitine, Natural Vegetable Juice (Color), Riboflavin (Color)

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein (min) 0.4%, Crude fat (min) 0.01%, Crude fiber (max) 0.5%, Moisture (max) 99.0%, Glucosamine* (min) 1600 mg/kg, Carnitine* (min) 650 mg/kg, L-Taurine* (min) 1800 mg/kg

* Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutrition profiles

Feeding Instructions

Simply use Wolf Spring as a food topper!

As with introducing anything new into your dog’s diet, we recommend giving them a transition period. Depending on your dog’s sensitivity, we suggest halving their dose of Wolf Spring for a period of 2-3 days.

For more tips on how your dog can get the most out of Wolf Spring, head over to our How To page.

Shake well before serving.
Refrigerate after opening.
Has not been tested on pregnant or nursing dogs.
Not recommended for puppies under 3 months.
Always have fresh water available.

62 reviews for Weight Management Food Topper for Dogs

  1. Gretchen

    My overweight rottie is sooo picky and won’t eat any of those “diet foods” on the market but I found with pouring this wolf spring on normal food, cutting back on foods and treats, and little extra walking he’s actually losing the weight!! Wolf Springs is wonderful!!

  2. Cynthia

    My newest foster is rather large and I want to give her the best chance of getting adopted and to be healthy! My other fosters/dogs get Calming and the life stage formula so this is a great addition to Maggie’s food! She’s back at the vet in 2 weeks so we will see her progress then!!

  3. Jackie

    It’s so hard to keep my lab at a healthy weight but Wolf Spring makes it easier!

  4. Ainsley

    I brought this to my vet to make sure it was going to help and she was actually impressed with it so I feel good about pouring it! So far Sofie the Cavalier is enjoying her extra treat on her food

  5. Tina

    Our 2 labs are at a healthy weight but I like to alternate between this and the Adult one to make sure they stay healthy!!

  6. Nina

    those diet foods never worked for Snoop, but thought to just give this a try and glad i did. He eats his food nd even gets the zoomies after. 1 pound down 3 to go!!

  7. Pam

    I liek to give this as a post walk “treat” for Henry, who has put on a couple pounds since my kids have been home for the summer 🙃 He likes it ice cold and drinks up his half of the bottle for the day. This is a great addition to exercise and Henry has lost 3 pounds so far!

  8. Joanie

    I was surprised at how well this actually works, right away he walks away more full and hydrated from pouring it over food but it seems hes got a little more pep in his step after using for about 2 weeks! Will continue to use and report back on the weight loss 🙂

  9. Alba

    I’ve tried other brands of diet food but I couldn’t ever get my over weight Dachshund to eat … for a fat boy he’s kind of picky … Now he’s on new food with this over it and he loves it! He eats it very slow which is nice because now I think he’s a least enjoying his food rather than shoveling it in before he can taste!

  10. Angie

    Finally get rid of that covid weight! very easy to give and Jack has slowed his eating down with it on top 🙂

  11. ruth

    Great stuff — vet is happy with Domino’s weight loss

  12. Dineen

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!! Do they make this for humans?!!? I had to put my Rocky on a diet and it broke my heart not being able to give him treats 😭 He now thinks this is his treat and LOVES IT! He’s lost SIX POUNDS! GO ROCKY!!!!!!!!

  13. Melinda123

    Happy to report my beagle loves this and it’s working for him! Lost a few pounds and has more energy, if youre on the fence… give it a shot!

  14. Jonas

    Really enjoy using this to get my overweight dog back to a healthy weight! Easy to give, he enjoys it, and it’s like a special treat!

  15. Kelli

    Can definitely say this has helped my dog drop a few lbs! The best part is, I can tell he is already moving around better with less of the grunting and stiffness!

  16. Paul M

    Gave this a try and here is my honest review – it works! My large dog, Gideon, enjoys the taste and poured over his kibble it really fills him up. I’d say he is noticeably slimmer, though I have not yet weighed him. Give it a try if you too have an overweight dog!

  17. Analeya

    actually a product that does what it is advertised to do! It’s helping my baby drop a few and feel fuller, less begging! I like that it is actually low in calories too and is a “treat” for my dog’s food

  18. Serenity

    In the past, I’ve tried to get my chocolate lab to lose weight by cutting his food, but he whine and whine for more, now I pour this and his food (cut down on the extra treats and table scraps 😅) and it’s really been helping him slim down! Finally!!! 🙌🏾

  19. Deb

    Love that this feels like I’m adding a special treat to my Molly’s food but it’s actually helping her lose weight and keeps her full!

  20. Nicole

    This has been a game changer for my overweight dog! I split his serving between breakfast and dinner and he’s so excited to eat and it takes him longer, hes lost 6 pounds!! My vet is very pleased.

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