Weight Management Food Topper for Dogs

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For all dogs
Help your dog shed more than fur! Wolf Spring Weight Management has been formulated to support healthy weight loss! Adorable no matter their size, Wolf Spring focuses on keeping our dogs healthy by getting them to their ideal weight! Besides all the great and effective ingredients, using Wolf Spring as a food topper also promotes weight loss by increasing the volume of their meal, making dogs think they’re eating more and it also slows down fast eaters! Plus, get a FREE weight loss guide with your first purchase!

Delicious natural taste approved by over 95% of dogs!

Every ingredient in our Weight Management food topper has been specifically chosen to help dogs shed extra weight! Wolf Spring Weight Management is crafted with L-Carnitine to support fat burn, L-Taurine to help energy metabolism, and Inulin to promote fullness and good digestive health. We also added Glucosamine to keep those hips and joints strong when they strut to the park showing off their slimmed down bod! Besides hydration, Coconut Water also provides a good source of Potassium to support heart health.

All of our formulas are natural, grain free, and developed by vets.

10 fl. oz. bottles

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Your Dog's Current Weight

1 – 20 lbs, 21 – 50 lbs, 51 + lbs


Burn baby, burn! L-Carnitine is great for fat burn!

A key factor in weight loss, L-Taurine helps boost dogs’ metabolism! 

2-in-1 action! Inulin keeps your dog full and promotes good digestive health!

With extra weight, dogs’ hips and joints might need the extra support Glucosamine gives!


Filtered Water, Coconut Water Concentrate, Natural Flavor (Pork), L-Taurine, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Inulin (from Agave), Malic Acid, L-Carnitine, Natural Vegetable Juice (Color), Riboflavin (Color)

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein (min) 0.4%, Crude fat (min) 0.01%, Crude fiber (max) 0.5%, Moisture (max) 99.0%, Glucosamine* (min) 1600 mg/kg, Carnitine* (min) 650 mg/kg, L-Taurine* (min) 1800 mg/kg

* Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutrition profiles

Feeding Instructions

Simply use Wolf Spring as a food topper!

As with introducing anything new into your dog’s diet, we recommend giving them a transition period. Depending on your dog’s sensitivity, we suggest halving their dose of Wolf Spring for a period of 2-3 days.

For more tips on how your dog can get the most out of Wolf Spring, head over to our How To page.

Shake well before serving.
Refrigerate after opening.
Has not been tested on pregnant or nursing dogs.
Not recommended for puppies under 3 months.
Always have fresh water available.

61 reviews for Weight Management Food Topper for Dogs

  1. Gianna

    Titan has lost 7 pounds and counting in 2 ish months! We’ve cut back on treats and are going on more walks but I like having this as a litle boost

  2. Kadeesha

    My vet recommended I get my dog to lose weight so here we are! My facebook was listening to my vet too 😂 I saw the ad and since using this for a motnh i have to say Bono is losing weight faster than I expected! He does like the taste and i pour half in the morning and half at night

  3. Shannon

    My beagle has lost 6 pounds since starting on this a month ago 🥳

  4. Hannah

    Working so well for my overweight rottie!

  5. SharonKay

    Big Pete is turning into Little Pete with his wolf spring!! Our dog Pete is down 10 pounds already!! Can’t wait to see his end results!

  6. Bernadette P

    Zeus my pittie is down 10 pounds since being on this! We cut back the treats a lot and are able to walk more every day!

  7. Marcella

    Happy so far with this product it’s too soon to see if there will be a drastic weight difference at the end but we’re using their little booklet they give and tracking Maverick’s diet!

  8. Kelly Conahan

    It does have a slight smell but not too bad where I can smell it once I put down she does enjoy it and seems to be fuller after eaeting

  9. Donna P.

    Snow is such a Picky eater and because of that, I give her a half bottle (medium size dog, but she is around 75lbs) in a bowl with a tiny bit of milk. She Loves it this way. To fool her into thinking that it is leftover milk from cereal that my mom normally let’s her have, just before I put it down for her, I take my finger and stir it really well so she’ll think it’s cereal milk. 😄 The reason I’m giving it 4 stars, is because she’s only been on it a couple of weeks and so far I haven’t seen any weight loss yet.

  10. Ruth

    Coco hit a bit of a plateau and this really helped her get over it – who knew adding something more would work? but this has low calories especially when you only pour 1/3 of a bottle like for a shih tzu. Happy to report she is at a healthy weight but I think I will pour this every now and then to keep her weight stable

  11. Patty A

    Bailey doesn’t have weight to lose but she always toes the line so I like pouring this 4x a week to make sure she stays at a healthy weight for a shih tzu

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  12. Ashley

    Bunny (my dog) has lost 4 pounds in just over 2 weeks using this!

  13. tyana

    This diet for my two pits has been struggle city they are soooo picky with what dry food theyll eat but are actually great drinkers so this was actually a great solution! they both like the taste and they don’t seem to be so hungry and begging all the time they look a little slimmer but i haven’t weighed yet

  14. daanielle

    Cooper is down 4 pounds in 2 weeks after he was unable to lose much as the vet would have liked due to the cold weather. we still do our daily exercise but I think is what has really helped him the most

  15. Nick

    The easiest part of my dogs meal – I get it on subscription so I always have it on hand. I pout this, some green beans, bluberries, and and egg over his food and devours it all 👍

  16. Shelly

    This plus the slow feeding bowl I think are really what started to get my dog actually losing weight. He seems more filled up then just throwing carrots over his food, plus he might even having more energy than before for longer walks

  17. Mary

    My Lucy Loo had a couple extra pounds to lose (I blame my husband, he is always feeding her table scraps!!! 😡) Anyway, with a strict diet, and strict orders for the hubs, Lucy Loo has lost 4 pounds this month! We have about 6 more to go but I’m very excited for her weight loss journey!

  18. Kevin

    Kobe has lost 7 pounds since using this so I call that a success 🤟

  19. Barbara

    My senior dog Wally is much less active than he once was and he gained a couple pounds, he’s otherwise healthy, but the vet was concerned about the extra weight on his little joints. I am a senior as well so excercise can be difficult for both of us so I’m glad I found this, Wally looks slimmer in only 3 weeks and next week we go back to the vet to check his weight! I also cut down on his treats like cheese and have been giving him more vegetables!

  20. André

    My 2nd rescue pit needed to lose a few lbs and I was giving the calming one to her brother so when I saw this I figured it couldn’t hurt – so far so good! She’s down 4 pounds this month and has about 12 to go they both enjoy their wolfspring

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