Benefits of a Slow Feeder Bowl

Should your dog be using a slow feeder?

When it comes to feeding your dog, there’s many options from food to bowls or even food toppers. Slow feeders do exactly what their name suggests; slow dogs eating down! Pet parents have been loving slow feeder bowls lately as a way to prevent dog’s digestive issues and dangerous bloat, while also promoting dog weight loss and enrichment.

There are many great benefits of dog slow feeders and so reasons why a slow feeder might be a good fit for your dog.

Benefits of Slow Feeders

There are many benefits to using a slow feeder for your dog! Below we’ll go over all the reasons why adding a slow feeder to your dog’s meal is great for them!

Can Help Prevent Bloat

Slow feeder bowls can be an asset for preventing bloat, which can be dangerous or even deadly for dogs. While bloat is most common in large, deep chested breeds like the Akita, Boxers, and German Shepherds, and other large breeds, like the Saint Bernard and Great Danes, any dog of any size can experience bloat. When dogs eat too fast, they swallow more air, which can lead to gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), which is known as bloat. Bloat happens when a dog’s stomach fills with air and builds pressure, preventing blood from circulating and returning back to the heart. Without blood circulating back into the heart, dogs can potentially go into shock. A dog’s stomach will also flip when they are experiencing bloat, which again, prevents blood flow and will lead the pancreas to produce toxic hormones. Fast eaters are most at risk for bloat, so a slow feeder is great to prevent these dangerous occurrences.

Slow feeder dog bowls have additional benefits, including: 

Reducing Choking Hazard

When your dog slows down his or her eating speed, it allows them to actually chew their food instead of swallowing whole pieces. When using a slow feeder, dogs need to work to get the food out of their bowl, making it harder for them to take huge bites of food. Plus, they’ll be less likely to throw that food back up from choking.

Better Digestion

Slow feeder bowls for dogs can improve their digestion too! Because they are eating at a slower pace, the stomach fills up slower and dogs are less likely to throw the food back up. Dogs can get sick from eating too fast because their stomachs don’t have time to digest food as they keep eating. With better digestion, dogs can really absorb all the nutrients in their food!

Improves Feeling of Fullness

Though a slow feeder can’t prevent pet parents from feeding too much, it can prevent your dog from eating too much. Many dogs will stop eating when they are full, however, sometimes when dogs eat too fast, their brain can’t catch up with their stomach to tell them they are full. With a slow feeder bowl, they’ll eat slower allowing their stomach to signal to the brain that they are full. 

Mental Stimulation

Slow feeders are a great way to provide mental enrichment for your dog! Because your dog can’t guzzle all of his or her food down, they have to think about each bite and really work for it. Slow feeders are like doing a puzzle for dogs! These types of puzzles provide dogs with mental stimulation that can help calm high energy dogs or dogs with anxiety! Pair with a calming supplement for double the relaxing effects! Slow feeders are a great cure for boredom as well!

Slow Feeders and Weight Loss

Slow feeders can even encourage weight loss! Because dogs are eating slower, they have more time to realize if they are full before continuing to eat. Using a slow feeder for dogs encourages them to work their minds as well, which is just as beneficial for dogs as physical exercise!

Pair with a diet food or even pour a weight loss supplement on top to add on to the weight loss power!

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