Wolf Spring is a functional beverage designed with benefits for every stage of life, from Puppy to Adult to Senior, and even dogs who hit the kibble a little too hard. We studied your dog’s unique needs to create a superior supplement in a category of its own. 

Your doggo might want Wolf Spring to replace water, but no, Wolf Spring should not replace all of your dogs water. We get it though, we have trouble saying no to those puppy-dog eyes too. We recommend half a bottle for small breeds and puppies, and a full bottle for medium and large breeds. Dogs should drink 1 to 1.5 oz of liquid per pound of body weight daily. Dogs should always have a bowl of fresh water available at all times. 

We recommend pouring ⅓ of a bottle daily for small breeds, ½ of a bottle daily for medium breeds, and 1 full bottle for large breeds of their formula, Puppy, Adult, Senior, or Weight Management.

We think prevention is the best medicine, so you should be giving Wolf Spring daily as part of their supplement regime. A Wolf Spring a day keeps the vet away or however that saying goes.

Our bottles are BPA free and completely recyclable and we are working towards using rPET bottles in the future. rPET bottles are made from plastic already existing, so make sure to recycle your Wolf Spring bottles, they might just end up as another Wolf Spring bottle in the future.

We developed Wolf Spring with a highly skilled team of veterinarians and animal nutritionists to ensure the highest quality and to provide the most sought after benefits for each life stage. Why? Because we’re crazy dog people, to put it simply.

That’s the easy part! Head over to our quiz (on our homepage) to find the best formula for your dog. The quiz is super short and helps us best determine what formula will work for your fur-baby. That’s it, super simple, then all you need to do is pour the love.

Exactly! Dogs generally won’t take pills, I mean we know from experience, as do you, which is why we made sure Wolf Spring is a supplement your dog won’t even notice they’re taking! There’s no forcing down your dog’s throat, just drinking.

We think the answer is simple – healthy dogs are happy dogs. We ourselves take supplements to keep ourselves healthy and prevent sickness, so why shouldn’t our dogs? Through research, we’ve also found that regardless of what a dog is eating, there still can be nutritional gaps. Our formulas are designed to fill those gaps.

We’ve spent a great deal of time in our kitchens perfecting Wolf Spring’s taste. We’ve taste-tested with some of our pickiest doggo friends, and the verdict is in – it’s pretty dang tasty! With that though, we’ve learned some tricks to get even the pickiest papillons, poodles, pekineses and every breed in between to be Wolf Spring fans. We have a whole page dedicated to tips and tricks to help your dog get the most out of Wolf Spring. You can find that here.

Yes! Our Puppy formula has been carefully crafted to provide essential benefits for your growing pup. No magic puppy training formula yet, though, sorry!

Our full list of all limited ingredients can be found on each product page. All of our ingredients are all natural, plant-based (non-GMO), and grain free. Our current formulas do not contain any of the top allergens for dogs.

It is always safe to consult with your own veterinarian prior to starting your dog on a supplement regime, but especially so if they have any pre-existing health conditions or are currently taking any prescription medications.

All of our formulas are produced right here in the USA, at an FDA certified facility (with 17 American flags flying, 37 Golden Retrievers running around, and unlimited hot dogs available, because what’s more American than that)?

Our office is located in the greatest (and probably noisest) city in the world – New York City! Yup, our dogs are city slickers.

Once poured in your dog’s bowl, we recommend leaving it out for no more than 12 hours.

Yes! Wolf Spring can be poured and stored back in the fridge for 2-3 days, just like human beverages.

However your dog likes their water best! If they prefer it colder, then absolutely pop it out of the fridge and pour. If your pup likes room temperature water better, it might be best to leave Wolf Spring out of the fridge. Did you ever picture yourself being the type of person who knows if their dog prefers room temp or cold water? Us either, but we get it.

Wolf Spring is shelf stable, but be sure the check the bottle’s best by date to ensure the highest quality. Wolf Spring can be refrigerated or left out, all depends on how your pup likes his water.. because we all know our dogs get whatever they want, however they want it.

All of our ingredients are Human Grade, except Glucosamine because it’s regulated as a supplement and not a food product, so in short, we drank it and never got sick, but legally speaking, we can’t tell you to do it. We know, we know, dogs get all the good stuff.

Because we are strictly dog people (sorry cat people), we designed our formulas with ingredients specifically to benefit canines. So while it’s safe for your kitty to drink Wolf Spring, we’re not sure that they’ll get as much from it. As always, check with your veterinarian if you have any concerns.